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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Speaker for School Assemblies: Living Life without Labels The school year is fast approaching and it is imperative that you find the best speaker for school assemblies that is prepared for the new school year. If you are a school administrator or part of your schools faculty or staff, it is your responsibility to make sure that your students have the best K-12 experience. In order to make that experience great, it is crucial that you bring in top-notch speakers. As your students grow older and experience middle school and high school, most will have begun to find groups of friends that they feel connected to that are either positive or negative role models. Sometimes these groups come attached with labels that are placed by other students that pre-judge the way they dress or act. Emeka Nnaka is a national speaker that helps students of all ages see that they can live a life without labels. Even though it is okay to identify as a certain way, it is not okay to simply label someone and treat them differently by the way they look or act. Emeka values people and the process of building relationships across all borders. School Assembly Speaker. It is important that we support one another in our differences and love one another for who we truly are. Emeka Nnaka is the key speaker for school assemblies nationwide. Emeka knows what it is like to grow up in a diverse community that places value on culture. He has also see it devalued by many. Emeka is all about breaking down barriers and building bridges of hope amongst all nationalities, races, religions, disabilities, and diverse ordinations. If you are looking to book an outstanding speaker for school assemblies, it is crucial that you not wait any longer to book Emeka Nnaka. Slots are filling up fast for the upcoming school year. School Assembly Speaker. Emeka can speak on a wide variety of topics that range from finding hope, to pursuing your passions with a no quit attitude. Emeka knows what it is like to feel labeled, but he continues on a daily basis to live past any label ever raised in his life. He refuses to let his past slow him down and deter him from his true calling of being a top national speaker to people of all ages. It was 2009 when Emeka’s life completely changed. He was one of the top defensive ends in his semiprofessional football league. He had just brought his team to a league championship in 2008 and was ready for a repeat in 2009. However, just partway through his second season, tragedy struck. All it took was one tackle gone wrong and Emeka’s life as he once knew it was over. He had just broken his C5 and C6 vertebrae and was now paralyzed from the chest down. Since his accident in 2009, Emeka has been speaking to youth and adults from all over the United States. Many come with challenges and labels of their own. Even though Emeka is paralyzed, he has refused to give into a life full of labels. Nothing stands in his way, not even the complete loss of his legs or partial loss of his arms and hands. So, don’t wait any longer to schedule Emeka as your next school speaker. Call him today at 478-719-8231.