School Assembly speaker | Broken to Masterpiece

The school semester is just around the corner and it is the prime time to schedule a school assembly Speaker to come in during the year and motivate your students. If you were looking for someone that can come and leave an impact for your student body, Emeka Nnaka is the guy to call. He is the motivational speaker that has been leaving an impact on schools across the nation. His message of overcoming adversity is sure to have your students looking at their life to a new perspective. Call Emeka today at 478-719-8231. Understand why Emeka Nnaka is the best school assembly Speaker out there, you have to understand his story. As a young boy, and we could have dreams and aspirations. He worked hard and achieved his dream of playing professional football. His dreams turn to a nightmare though one in 2009 he broke his neck on the field and suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. He was left paralyzed from his chest down. Four months, Emeka chose to not give up on his life. Despite all odds, he began to pick up the pieces and create a masterpiece. He started with his education. Emeka went back to school and completed his undergraduate degree from Langston University in the rehabilitation services. He then went on to pursue his masters degree from the University of Oklahoma in Human Relations. Emeka is a school assembly speaker that values the importance of education and it is a value that he will instill in your student body. Young people rave about Emeka because when they see him they not only see someone who has overcome his fair share of challenges, they see a person that is willing to help them overcome their own challenges. He shows individuals that it is the broken pieces in our life that make it beautiful. Emeka Nnaka is an incredible speaker with an amazing perspective on life and its challenges. He is uniquely qualified to present life to your students. Your students will be in gauge from beginning to the end of his dynamic presentations. The stories, and use of illustrations makes every point digestible. If you’re looking to bring in a school assembly Speaker that will change the lives of your students, look no further than Emeka Nnaka. He is ready and I’ll come to your school. He is the guy that your school has been waiting for. The schedule is filling up so give him a call today at 478-719-8231 or visit his