School Assembly Speaker | Dark Day to Bright Future

It is July so that means that schools will be searching for school assembly speakers to schedule for their upcoming school semesters. If you are a teacher, principal, or a school administrator and you are looking for a speaker that will create a high impact and positive change, look no further than Emeka Nnaka. He brings a compelling story of perseverance and has the requisite skills to captivate your audience. He is a master of human relations and has a unique way of connecting to young people. If you want someone that will be the best that your students will never forget, giveEmeka a call today at 478-719-8231.Like every young boy, Emeka grew up with a dream to play professional sports. His dream became a reality when he joined a semi professional football team in the state of Oklahoma. After winning a championship in 2008, Emeka’s future with as bright as it’s ever been! That was until one dark day in 2009. On the play, Emeka’s whole world changed in an instant. He went from talented athlete to struggling quadriplegic. With extreme adversity facing him, he chose to not give up on his life. His message of hope is short to inspire your students to live their life on purpose with purpose. Book Emeka today. Emeka Nnaka is known for his passion for students. He is motivated to be the difference in their lives, a different state he wanted to have when he was younger. Emeka is the school assembly Speaker that your students have been waiting for. Not only does he deliver a high-powered message, but he sticks around and talked to Amy student that is needing an ear. He goes above and beyond to work with students and schools because this is his passion. Emeka is easy to work with and is ready to come and talk to your students today. Emeka has meant toward hundreds of students and has been a contributing factor to changing the lives of many. Your student will forever thank you for bringing him in. Emeka is also an excellent communicator. With his stories, illustrations, and dynamic style of speaking, your students will be in for a treat. A lot of speaker struggle to hold the attention of students. Emeka is not one of them. He will keep your students engage from beginning to end and everyone sitting from the front to the back will be hanging on the every word. Emeka is even addressed crowds of elementary students and manages to keep their attention for his entire presentation. He has experience speaking to large groups, small groups, and people of all ages. Emeka is the school assembly Speaker that schools dream of. Emeka Nnaka is your next school assembly Speaker for 2017. With his compelling story of overcoming adversity, he is sure to inspire your students to take their lives to the next level. He is passionate and is ready to meet your students. His background of working with youth set a foundation and a platform for him to speak on. Your students will be captivated by his stories and the things that he is had to
overcome. Give Emeka and his team a call today at 478-719-8231 or visit