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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka

Amazing, awe-inspiring, life-changing are just a few of the words that people use describe the school assembly speaker, Emeka Nnaka. He speaks for the level of passion and authority that are sure to inspire any student body. Emeka Nnaka is incredible speaker and is a person that your students would love to hear from. He has an amazing story that anyone that’s listening can learn from. He’s got a desire to change the world and that begins with changing your students’ world. Principals are still commenting on the impact that Emeka Nnaka left at their schools. Yours can be next.

Emeka Nnaka knew from a young age that he was destined to do something great in this world. His dreams of making an impact were severely challenged when he suffered a career ending neck injury on the football field and left him paralyzed from the chest down. Though his life changed, and dreams of making an impact did not.Emeka Nnaka for the negativity of the circumstance and dedicated his life to making a difference in others’ lives. HIs never give up attitude is what makes him the best school assembly speaker around. Book him for your next assembly today.

What sets Emeka Nnaka apart from other speakers is ability to relate his unique life experiences to the every day struggles of your youth. He conveys his message in such a way that students are literally sitting on the edge of their seats. He brings his laid-back attitude and yet communicates in such a way that even the people in the back are engaged. Through his interactive illustrations, your students will take away from the message keys that they will never forget. Students still stop Emeka now to tell him how much their lives were changed by him. Your students will thank you bringing in Emeka to speak to them.

Emeka Nnaka deeply values empowering the next generation of world changers. He found his purpose with you while serving in the local youth group in the aftermath of his injury. There he found that his life still made a difference in that everyone’s lives had influence and impact. Another reason to book him is because Emeka Nnaka is a school assembly speaker that cares about your students. His care for your student provides a backdrop which allows him to relate to them so well. Students love the time that they spend it with Emeka and he as well. His service to young people in service to the community make him a leader worth following. You will not regret bringing him in to speak to your students.

Emeka Nnaka is the guy you want for your next school assembly. His story combined with his passion for youth and communication skills will leave a lasting impact on your student body. His passion to see your students win separates him from other speakers. Don’t miss out on giving your students an experience of a lifetime.  His calendar is filling up soon so book him today by calling 478–719–8231 or visit his website