School Assembly Speaker | Human Relations Specialist

Inspiring, motivating, and captivating or just a few words to describe school assembly Speaker, Emeka Nnaka. Schools are always looking for different ways to inspire their students to take the next level in their lives. Emeka does just that with his dynamic assemblies. You’re school needs someone that is able to penetrate the hearts of your students. Emeka is that guy. He brings an inspiring message of perseverance to young people across the nation. Emeka grew up in the small town of Macon, Georgia. There he begin to cultivate the drain. He had a dream of becoming a great athlete and making a difference. His dream was actualize when he became playing for a semi professional football team in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2008, Emeka Nnaka was a leader on a championship team. By 2009, his future will be bright as ever. In the same year on a play, and the game in Arkansas, Emeka Nnaka suffered an injury that would derail his entire career. After breaking his neck is becoming a quadriplegic, Emeka faced overwhelming odds. Instead of giving into depression, Emeka fell for his life and went back to school.This is the school assembly Speaker that your students have been waiting for. After completing his undergrad at least in University in Tulsa, Emeka went on to pursue his masters degree from the University of Oklahoma. The skills that he has learned from his degree in human relations makes him the perfect school assembly speaker for your Group. Emeka Nnaka is someone that your students can relate to. His ability to connect with students is what sets them apart from other speakers. Where other speakers may struggle with keeping an audience’s attention, Emeka has no problem. During his presentations, students are in gauge from the front to the very back. You could hear a pin drop when Emeka begins to speak. With years of experience working with youth, Emeka is able to connect to your students and deliver a high impact presentation that will last long after his speech is done. If you’re looking for the best school assembly Speaker, look no further than Emeka Nnaka. Emeka Nnaka is the next guy or you should call to can present at your school. His courage and his perseverance through adversity and sure to inspire and motivate your students. Students still rave about whenever Emeka comes to town. Call him and his team today at 478-719-8231 to get him booked. His schedule is filling fast.