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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka

Emeka Nnaka is a school assembly speaker that has a gift for communicating with students of all ages. He uses his influence to help students discover the right tools in each persons life to better themselves. Emeka Nnaka is definitely the speaker that you want to address your students. He has an amazing story that will show your students how to respond to various levels of a adversity in their lives. Book Emeka by giving him a call today.

Growing up, football taught Emeka a number of different skills and principles that would prove their worth later in his life. Emeka found himself having to draw upon everything he had learned when a freak accident on the football field left him unable to move and breathe. He had broken his neck and suffered a spinal cord. After a nine hour neck surgery, Emeka would face life now as a person with a disability. Emeka has faced the challenges in his own life head on with a grace and dignity that anyone and everyone should aspire to. Emeka is the perfect school assembly speaker to model a way of being that is sure to bring success.

If you’ve ever heard Emeka speak, then you know that Emeka speaks with an authority and passion that people can’t help but listen to. Your students will be pleased that you brought in a guy like Emeka that is a one of a kind communicator and illustrator. Through his interactive illustrations and and dynamic presentation skills, students will be receptive to the message of hope that Emeka delivers. There is no one that is better capable of captivating your audience and moving them to take action to improve the productivity in their own lives. Emeka nnaka is the right  man for the job.

Your students are the most important part of your school and Emeka realizes that. He has a passion for influencing students to realize their influence on the world. He takes great pride in being someone that your students can look up to. Emeka is determined to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives through the fulfillment of their own self. Your students are in for a treat when this dynamic school assembly speaker makes an appearance. He wants to help your students achieve their goals.

Emeka Nnaka needs to be brought in to present at your next school assembly. He has spoken at numerous schools and is excited to meet your students next. Emeka has shared his amazing story of finding hope in a hopeless situation to inspire hundreds and thousands of students. He is a master of communication and is the speaker that not only touches the mind of your students but touches their hearts. Emeka is dedicated to making sure that your students find value within their own lives. Students are still raving today about the impact that Emeka had when you came to their school.