School Assembly Speaker | Light in the Darkness

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka

Are you a school teacher, principal, or administrator looking for a school assembly speaker to ignite your student body? Emeka Nnaka is the speaker, your school has been waiting for. He brings a message of hope, determination, and a never give up attitude. He is a speaker with a special ability to relate to your students. When Emeka talks, students listen. He has a tremendous life story that has inspired thousands to live with a renewed sense of purpose. Call Emeka Nnaka today at 478-719-8231

Every young person has aspirations to live out their dreams and make it a reality. Emeka nnaka was no different. Growing up in Macon, Georgia, Emeka had dreams of playing football at an elite level. His dreams came true when he began a career with a semi professional football team in Oklahoma. Emeka soon became a leader on the team and they won a championship. His dream turned into a nightmare when he broke his neck in a game and was paralyzed from his chest down. On the brink of losing it all, Emeka made a decision to not give up on his life. Emeka Nnaka is a school assembly speaker that brings his real life experiences of ups and downs to inspire your students. Your student body will be definitely be thankful for Emeka’s vulnerability and willingness to take them on his life journey.

Emeka has amazing communication skills that will making hearing from him not only knowledgeable but pleasurable. He speaks directly to the heart of your students in whatever they may be going through. He has a unique ability to make his story relate to the lives of others and help them pull themselves out of their own darkness. Through his excellent illustrations and interactive presentation style, your students will be entertained from start to finish. Emeka Nnaka is the school assembly speaker that was built to make a difference in your school. Your students will benefit highly from a person that has been able to face the level of of adversity that he has had and overcome it. Call Emeka today at 478–719–8231

Emeka Nnaka’s dedication to young people is what catapulted him to the stage of speaking to students across the nation. Emeka deeply cares for the well-being of young people on this earth. He believes that they are our future and how they are able to respond to adversity will make or break the future that they create. Your students will feel his passion not just through his words, but through his presence and attentiveness with their real problems. Students are looking for someone that is real to show them how to overcome their own struggles. Emeka Nnaka is the guy.

Emeka Nnaka is the school assembly Speaker for your next event. He will bring 110% to your group and motivate your students to be the best versions of themselves. His amazing story of overcoming is sure to inspire hope in the lives of your students. His presentation is far from boring and will keep your students engaged for the entirety. Emeka is a speaker that cares deeply for the advancement of your students. This is why he is the best. I call Emeka and his team today at 478–719–8231 or visit his website at