School Assembly Speaker: Oklahoma’s Best Motivational Speaker

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Emeka Nnaka truly is Oklahoma’s most powerful motivational speaker there is and he specifically focuses his efforts as a school assembly speaker. He sees the value of speaking to kids and the impact that he can make on their life. He brings a message that is for hardship but also tells a story of him overcoming that hardship. Emeka would love to be a speaker for you. To schedule him for one of your school functions please give him a call right this instant at his number 478-719-8231.

As a speaker America as one of the most powerful stories that you probably ever heard. His story begins as a football player and a guy that had everything going for him. Everything was going great for him and he was playing semi professional football until all the sudden he had a life-changing injury in a game. This injury caused him to break his neck and he became paralyzed from the head down. His life changed completely after that and he made a choice to use his tragedy for good.

As a school assembly speaker America easily connects with the kitties speaking to. First of all he is still right relatively young and so kids know that he understands the stuff they’re going through right now. He also has the personality that you feel quickly welcomed and safe telling anything that you feel comfotable with. Lastly his message will leave a room silent and will cause kids to change the way they are living. Emeka knows that his story can impact lives.

Ever since America made the decision to become a speaker he knew that he was called to speak to kids. He understands that kids are the future that they are easily moldable to become good or to become bad. He is passionate about helping them get on the path that they need to be on to be successful. Through his testimony and other things he talks about he will give them the tools that they need to do this. He hopes tunes packed every kids life that he speaks to but if he can just make a difference in one kids life and truly change the path they are going down it is worth it for him.

If you would like Emeka to be a school assembly speaker for you contact them today. There is no doubt that he will make a large difference in your school and will help any kids that truly need it. You also spent time after he speaks to me with any kids one-on-one and help impart wisdom into them. He’ll bring a message that is powerful and impact your kids lives. The kids will feel engaged and that they are and an open and safe environment when he speaks. He is truly passionate about helping the kids that you teach. Give him a call today because his schedule books quickly, at his number 478-719-8231.

School Assembly Speaker: Oklahoma’sĀ Greatest Speaker

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

To give it to you straight up Emeka Nnaka is Oklahoma’s best school assembly speaker hands down. He knows what he is doing and has the tools to truly inspire the kids that he is speaking to. That is what he is passionate about helping the kids go after what they dream to do. In his story and message that he gives to kids is what helps them do that. Emeka books quickly so give him a call today to schedule him for your school assembly speaker at 478-719-8232.

Emeka Nnaka had it all, he is an amazing football player and everybody loved him for it. That all changed when he was playing semi professional football and suffered a life-changing injury. During a game he collided with another player and broke his neck paralyzing him almost completely from the neck down. He was faced with the decision to either let his injury defined him or to overcome and use his injury to impact others. That is why he became a school assembly speaker he wants to impact kids.

A Mac is somebody that everybody easily can become friends with and he has a smile that lights up a room. Kids will see him in the youth that he brings and will relate to him because of that. They know that he understands the struggles that they go through because he himself was sitting in their place not too long ago. With his background before his injury in football and other such things kids will understand that he knows where they are coming from. He can also inspire the kids to overcome any hardship that they might be facing right now.

Emeka chose to be a speaker because he knows that our youth is the future of America. He knows that there are many things that can draw them in to the wrong path of life but he wants to give them the tools that will help them succeed. He hopes that through his message people not just feel bad for him but will see him as a testimony that anything is possible and that anything their passion about can be done. He wants to show the kids that life isn’t always easy to that they can make the best of it in any situation every place that he is spoken to kids have been inspired and moved by his message.

America truly loves what he does and he loves speaking as a speaker. He knows that the work he’s doing his changing lives in that he is truly making an impact in people’s lives. Having a Mecca out as one of your school assembly speakers would be one of the best decisions that you have ever made for your kids. However, a Mecca schedule books of quickly and you have to act fast. Give him a call today at 478-719-8232 to schedule him for your school function.