School Assembly Speaker | Vision vs. Sight

Emeka Nnaka is a school assembly Speaker with a big vision for changing the lives of students across this nation. He brings a story of hope and a message of the termination that inspires all who hear it. If you want to bring change to your student body, Emeka is the right man for the job. His way of connecting to students and getting them to change for the better is what sets them apart from other speakers. Book Emeka today by giving him a call at 478-719-8231.

When it comes to making a change in life, everything comes down to vision versus sight. As a young boy, Emeka had a vision for making the difference. He wanted to be someone that could be someone. When he found his opportunity to play football, Emeka was living his dreams. That was until a neck injury left him paralyzed from his chest down and his life spiraling out of control. The mist of the most extreme circumstances, Emeka had sight. He could see all of the bad things that were happening around him. What Emeka needed it was vision. After an amount of time of reflecting on his life, Emeka begin to dream again and we get to cast a vision for his life that was bigger than circumstances. While doing so, he began to live in the vision of his life versus the coming to the circumstances that were around him. He went back to school, achieved his undergrad, and is currently finishing his Masters. He has been the true definition of Overcomer.

Emeka’s zeal for life, is driven by his passion for impacting the lives of young people. He strives to be the person that he needed when he was growing up. A person that could give wise advice and be a sounding board for when life happens. Emeka is the best school assembly Speaker because he genuinely cares about the lives of the students that he gets to speak to. He wants to know the good things and the bad things that is happening and help students navigate the storms of life. His real nurse is felt not just through his words but through his actions.

Emeka Nnaka has many years of experience speaking to young people. He has a unique way of connecting to students in reaching them where they are at. His open this and vulnerability is what opens the door for students to hear what he has to say. He uses a number of tech Meeks and it’s presentations to keep his audience says engaged. People from the front to the back of the room or hanging on his every word.

Emeka is a school assembly speaker that is perfect for your next event. His compelling story is sure to open the eyes and hearts of your students to see their lives through a new perspective. His passion can be felt from the stage when he speaks. You would not regret bringing in Emeka to address your student body. His calendar is filling up so give him and his team a call today at 478-719-8231.


School Assembly Speaker | Enough is Enough

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

A School assembly Speaker or speakers may come and go but if you are you looking for a speaker that will leave a big impact on your student body, look no further than Emeka Nnaka. Is dynamic school assemblies have been taking schools by storm across the nation. He brings Who is unique life experiences and lessons when addressing students. Students are still commenting on the impact that he left when he spoke at their school. If you are looking to shake up your entire school year for the better, contact Emeka Nnaka.

I want point in his life, Emeka had everything that you’ve ever prayed for. He was the star football player and was living out his dreams. Everything in his life changed after he was injured while making a tackle in the football game. Emeka broke his neck and suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down in the world of despair. For several months, Emeka was down on himself and his current circumstances. After some self assessment on his life, Emeka decided that enough was enough and it was time for a change. He committed himself to getting an education and re-enrolled in school. In 2015, Emeka graduated from Langston University with his undergrad degree in rehabilitation services. A few months later, Emeka started his journey to attain his masters degree in human relations. Emeka is a school assembly Speaker that will instill the values that your students need to be successful in life. He chose not to give up on his own life and will inspire your students not to give up on their’s.

When Emeka is speaking to you, he challenges them to find out what areas in their life where enough is enough and it’s time for a change. In his 30s he has found that everyone is one decision away from a entirely different life. He strives to help individuals break beyond the barriers for their thinking and commit to living in the vision of their lives that they have created for themselves. Emeka has a passion for young people that stems from his time post injury serving in a local youth group. It was there that he learned that his life still have purpose. He has dedicated his self to helping other individuals find their own purpose in their lives.

Emeka Nnaka is a school assembly speaker with a particular set of skills for connecting with young people. He has a unique way of communicating that allow students to open up around him. His energy and zeal for life is filled once he takes the stage. Students from the front to back and feel his passion and stay engaged throughout his entire presentation. If you were looking for a speaker that can hold your students attention while giving them knowledge for life, then Emeka is your guy. Give Emeka and his team a call today at 478-719-8231 or visit his website