School Assembly Speakers | The First Step

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

If it is your responsibility to find school assembly speakers for your next event, you want someone that you captivate your student body and inspire them to do great things. Emeka Nnaka can do just that. He’s a motivational speaker with skills to move your youth to greater levels in their thinking, being, and doing. He will teach your students proven principles that will help to benefit their lives. Give Emeka a call today so that he can inspire your students tomorrow.

Emeka Nnaka was a semi professional football player with his future extremely bright. He was living the life of his dreams until A freak accident altered the course of his life and career. He made a tackle and in doing so broke his neck, suffering a spinal cord injury which left him paralyzed from the chest down. Emeka faced dark times but knew that there was more to life than having pity on himself. During his recovery, he was reminded of a Chinese proverb that states the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. Emeka knew that he wanted to rebuild his life and make it better than the one that went down on the football field. So he took first steps in joining a local youth group. He took more steps in getting back into school and serving the community. No answer one of the top school assembly speakers, Emeka looks back on his life and sees that the journey of 1000 miles began with taking one. He wants to motivate students everywhere it to begin to take the steps needed in their own lives to build something beautiful

Emeka spent a good chunk of his recovery being a mentor in serving a local youth group in Tulsa Oklahoma. This goes to show you the passion that he has for young people. He wants to see your students succeed and wants to be a part of them overcoming obstacles. What’s not to make a part from other speakers is that he genuinely cares about the student is that he speaks to. She even spends time after his presentations to get to know students and their struggles kids and young adults have always responded well to eat Mika because of how real and open he is with them. Your students will not regret you bringing him in.

Along with a powerful story, Emeka has a wonderful style of communication. He has a unique way of connecting with young people that allows them to receive the message that he is giving them. His tone, humor, and stories are sure to keep students engaged from beginning to end. He in tracks with his audiences to make them feel involved is presentations. Your students will have a good time when Emeka comes to town.

Emeka Nnaka is one of the best school assembly speakers that you could ask for. He has years of experience and the passion that will drive positive change in your students. He is ready to come to your school so give them a call today at 478-719-8231.

School Assembly Speakers | One in a Million Mentor

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

School Assembly speakers may come a dime a dozen but there is one speaker that is one in a million. Emeka Nnaka is a motivational speaker and youth advisor that has been captivating audiences procrastination. The work that he is done with students has generated him recognition from top media outlets. Emeka brings a unique story of perseverance and determination that is inspiring to everyone that hears it. He has a Great way of connecting to the hearts and souls of the students that he is speaking to.

Growing up, Emeka had a number of people that he would consider mentors in his life. Whether they were people in his personal life or people that he would watch and see their lives on TV or in books. It is mentorship that helps to shape who you become as a person. When Emeka grew older and began playing football, his life was on track for great success. At the store Ashley, Emeka was getting calls and looks to go a number of different places. His life is just beginning when a devastating neck injury derailed his playing career and almost ended his life. After months of intensive rehabilitation, Emeka Nnaka face life as a person with disability confined to wheelchair paralyzed from the chest down Emeka now had to piece together his life. In the mist of those extreme circumstances, Emeka Rose and found beauty in the ashes. He was able to overcome that level of adversity and do it with poise and grace.

Emeka found his purpose in life through serve in kids and young people. He strives to help them be the best versions of themselves that they can be. He is a one in a million mentor to students that may not have people in their lives that care. One thing that separates Emeka from other school assembly speakers is that he genuinely cares about your students and the struggles that they face every day. His years of experience make him qualified to present it to your students. He will find ways to bridge the gap between his life experiences and the struggles that your students face. Kids today are still raving about the time that Emeka came to their school.

Along with a dynamic story, Emeka has a powerful presence on stage. With his tone and his sense of humor, students are drawn to what he is saying. He uses his magnetic personality to attract the audiences attention to what he is saying. Emeka’s presentations are engaging and entertaining and he does a lot of things to keep his audiences involved in what they are doing.

Emeka Nnaka is one of the top school assembly speakers and is ready to come and visit your school. He has a powerful story of hope and determination and is sure to bring a positive change to your student body. He is filling up his calendar slots now so give Emeka and his team a call today at 478-719-8231.