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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Speaker for School Assemblies: Living Amongst the Labeled Emeka Nnaka is a nationally recognized motivational speaker for school assemblies. He captivates audiences of all ages, backgrounds, races, genders, and orientations. Emeka Nnaka encourages the homeless, the job seekers, and the high school and college dropouts. He encourages students, teachers, managers, company executives, city, state, and national leaders, and everyone else in between. When we live beyond the labels that we place on others, we are then able to begin dropping the immediate judgements that are cast at first glance. Upon casting off the initial judgements and seeing the best in everyone, we are then able to begin freely living amongst the labeled (every day people). We are all human beings that simply want to be loved, given equal opportunity, treated fairly, and seen for who we are. Emeka Nnaka’s platform as a speaker for school assemblies brings to light the many labels that the human race place on each other. Living beyond labels also looks like living beyond our job titles, uniforms, and skin colors. Respect must no longer be something that has to be earned; it must be freely given to all, with no ulterior motives. If an individual does not take the time to get to know someone past the surface for who they are, why even speak that judgement? It is all too easy to jump to a drastic conclusion, based off of appearance and irrational thought. At first glance, it would be fairly easy to pass judgements against Emeka Nnaka, based on appearance alone. He is 6’5” inches tall and very well built. He is dark skinned and has a head-full of long dreadlocks. He also relies on a custom made electric wheelchair to move around. It would also be very easy to start passing judgements on Emeka, after seeing that he is paralyzed from the chest down. Was he hurt? Was he born that way? How was he hurt? Was he in a car accident? Was he part of a gang and got shot? Was he a professional football player? Without simply talking to Emeka and treating him like a regular human being, it would be very easy to pass those judgements at first glance. After speaking with him, you will find that he is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. He is also one of the most educated and entertaining people to be around. Emeka is a professional speaker for school assemblies because it is his desire to see label barriers broken down through open communication. It was 2009 when Emeka had his accident. He was in his second season of playing semiprofessional football for the Oklahoma Thunder. It was against a team in Arkansas, on a play that he had made hundreds of times before. One tackle changed his life forever in the most positive way possible. One tackle was all it took to break his neck at the C5/C6 levels and paralyze him from the chest down. Emeka was an all-star athlete that had it all going for him. Emeka now inspires people of all ages and walks of life, to simply start living beyond the labels by living amongst the so called labeled. Start seeing others for who they truly are, by seeing the best in them, rather than the worst in them. To book Emeka Nnaka as your next keynote speaker, call 478-719-8231 today.