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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Speaker for School Assemblies | The School of Hard-Knocks Emeka Nnaka has lived a life that has been full of adversities, in which he chose to overcome; the byproduct of those choices led him to become a speaker for school assemblies. Emeka spent most of his childhood and adolescence years growing up in the state of Georgia. As he approached his teenage years, his parents felt that Emeka wasn’t making the best choices with the crowds that he hung out with. At the age of 13, they made the decision to send him to Nigeriawith extended family in attempts to straighten him out and learn a few life lessons. Emeka would spend the next 2 ½ years in Nigeria doing all sorts of hard work in order to shape him into the person that they felt he should be. Emeka was nearly 16 when he moved back to the United States. He soon after took part in various athletic endeavors and excelled as an athlete. As Emeka approached his high school graduation, he was ready to take his athletic ability to the next level and play college football. His parents had other plans for him to attend Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His first question to them was, “do they have a football team?”Unfortunately they didn’t, but his parents made him apply anyways. Emeka delayed and delayed the application process and even added in lower than normal test scores in order to not be accepted. His plan to not get accepted did not work; just a short time later he had received the phone call that he had been accepted. Being a speaker for school assemblies, he will at times share some of his stories of what it was like to experience some of his life. He shares his stories in order to relate to children and adults as a way to connect and show that they are not alone in the struggles. Shortly after Emeka’s arrival at ORU, he was recruited to play semiprofessional football for one of Oklahoma’s elite teams. In his first season with the team, Emeka rose to the occasion that season to the point of winning the 2008 world championship. The 2009 season quickly rolled around and Emeka was ready to play. Just partway throw his second season, tragedy hit. He was playing against a team in Arkansas and had just tackled an opposing player on a kickoff return. This would be his last tackle of his football career. Emeka was unable to stand after that tackle. He would later find out that evening, that he had just broken 2 cervical vertebrae in his neck. He endured 9 hours of surgery the following morning and would later learn that as a result of the accident, he was now paralyzed from the chest down. Emeka has now made a way to face and overcome any challenge that he may face. Excuses and roadblocks no longer get to stand in his way; he stands in their way and charges them down. Emeka Nnaka has risen to the top as a professional speaker for school assemblies because of his hard work ethic and a never quit attitude. Emeka knows what a tough life looks like, but he realized very quickly that excuses get you nowhere. From then on, he never looked back. To book Emeka as your next keynote speaker, call 478-719-8231 today.