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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Speaker for School Assemblies: The Game Changer your school needs Emeka Nnaka is your next all-star speaker for school assemblies. He is the corporate game changer that you’ve been waiting for. He is the life coach that many are willing to wait in line for. People are his passion because people played a big part in growing him into his passion. Emeka believes that each one of you play a huge role in bringing hope, identity, influence, and impact to the people that surround you. Your integrity, acceptance, and drive to push on through the trials of this life, further supports that leadership is more than a position, it’s a lifestyle. Lifestyle leadership has shown its true colors in the years following Emeka Nnaka’s accident in 2009. From the people that surrounded him with encouragement and support, to the people that he encouraged and supported, Emeka continues to capitalize on every opportunity to make a difference despite a great tragedy. He chooses to push past any mental, emotional, or physical challenge that he may face because quitting is not an option. Emeka was only 21 and just partway through his second season as a semiprofessional football player when his whole life flashed before him. As he ran down the field on the kickoff return team, he never imagined that he was about to make his last career tackle. It was a tackle he had performed over and over again, but this time, only the opposing player from Arkansas got up. Emeka had just broken 2 bones in his neck and was now parlayed from the chest down. Emeka spent several months in the hospital and rehab settings. It took some time for Emeka to get used to his new lifestyle. It took a lot of people to encourage him to continue to push on and not give up. Emeka is that game changer that you need as a speaker for school assemblies. When Emeka speaks, he isn’t just there to talk; he’s there to listen to the needs of the individual school students. When he delivers a speech, he sticks around afterwards to make sure that he connects with the students, teachers, and parents. Since his accident in June of 2009, Emeka has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation Services and is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Psychology. He has spoken to several thousand youth and adults of all ages, from all over the United States. Emeka has played a huge role in raising several million dollars for the United Way and has done a lot for many other well respected organizations. He is on the board of various organizations around Oklahoma and he is also an ambassador for The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges. Just as Emeka lives his life as a top leader on the surface, he continues to live his life with the most respect and integrity behind the scenes. To book Emeka Nnaka as your next speaker for school assemblies, click on the contact button above or call 478-719-8231.