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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Speaker for School Assemblies: Driven by Passion and Determination Does your school system have a speaker for school assemblies that is known as “the top choice”for inspirational speakers? If they do, then that means that your public or private school system is doing something right and making their students future a priority. If your school doesn’t have that go-to speaker, I’d like you introduce you to someone that has the passionate drive and determination to make every speech that he delivers his best. Emeka Nnaka is the speaker for school assemblies that is highly sought after because of his life story and his genuine passion for people. Emeka’s voice fits his tall and well-built frame; it’s powerful and carries the distance to grab the attention of students and adults alike from the very back of the auditorium. Emeka’s speeches are enthusiastic and thoroughly crafted to fit the audience, setting, and current events that are surround the audience. Not only is Emeka a top national speaker, he is also a sought after cultured community activist, an ambassador to many organizations, an artist, an athlete, and the list goes on. Emeka does not let tough life events and circumstances stand in his way. He is a go-getter that sees challenges and adversities as opportunities to make a difference. However, it took a great tragedy in his life to get him this point in his life. Emeka was at the top of his game and loving the highlights of his semiprofessional football career back in 2008. He led his Oklahoma team to win a World Championship in his first season as a top defensive end and was gaining attention at the time from surrounding colleges and universities. Emeka was that athlete that had the potential to take it all the way to the NFL. Partway through his 2009 season, the tides changed and Emeka’s life came to a crossroads. In a game in Arkansas, Emeka made a big hit on a kickoff return. It would be the last tackle of his football career, but far from his last tackle in lifetime achievements. As a result of his accident in June of 2009, Emeka is now paralyzed from the chest down. The scar on his neck is a forever reminder of the surgery that he had to repair his C5 and C6 vertebrae. After his surgery and nearly a year into his painful rehab, Emeka was left with two choices: he could either continue to wallow in the aftermaths of what happened to him or he could make the most out of his life and take it by the horns and make stuff happen. Emeka chose the latter option and has now risen to the top and is inspiring thousands upon thousands of people in a wide variety of settings. Not only is Emeka a speaker for school assemblies, whom is inspiring people from across the United States, he is also a life coach that loves to listen to other people’s stories and encourage them to push past their excuses and help them to see that they have what it takes to turn their dreams into realities. Make Emeka Nnaka your top choice for inspirational speakers for this school year. Don’t wait another minute to click that “contact” button on his website. Or for that matter, just pick up the phone right now and call 478-719-8231 today to book Emeka Nnaka as your next keynote speaker.