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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka. Speaker for School Assemblies. More Action and fewer distractions Finding the perfect speaker for school assemblies can be a daunting task. If your school has never placed high value on bringing in outside motivational speakers to inspire your students, it can seem like a mountain of a responsibility to be the one in charge of booking the right speaker. If you are waiting around to find the perfect speaker, I’ll let you in on a little secret, they don’t exist. However, there is one motivational speaker that comes fairly close to perfect. If you are wanting someone that can knock your socks off and help inspire your students and teachers alike to be more productive, think Emeka Nnaka. He can be found by visiting his website at EmekaNnaka.com or checking out his YouTube channel called “From Where I Sit.”Emeka has become the choice speaker for school assemblies. At The young age of 21, Emeka was playing semiprofessional football and was at the top of his game. All it took was one tackle gone wrong in 2009 and everything in his life came to a standstill. As a result of the accident, he is now paralyzed from the chest down and is no longer able to walk. From the moment I met Emeka Nnaka, I can honestly say that I have never heard him make an excuse. He gets to work and grinds out what needs to be done. He often outworks most abled bodied human beings. Emeka Nnaka learned over the course of that next year that if he wanted to maximize his potential in life and take action to become the best at whatever he sought out, he would have to live a life that minimized distractions and excuses. Emeka did just that when he took on over 160 opportunities to speak to a wide range of people in all walks of life. Emeka is now a professional life coach and highly sought after national speaker. He has now spoken on over 1,000 speaking engagements and has been part of raising several million dollars for various charitable causes. It didn’t happen overnight though. He has spent countless hours perfecting his skills and becoming the best speaker for school assemblies and various corporate events. Emeka is the face of many charitable causes and he has taken a part in several leadership roles. Since his accident in 2009, he was completed his bachelor’s degree and is nearly done with his Master’s degree. When Emeka speaks at your school, charitable event, or in the corporate setting, expect to hear a powerful voice that projects across the entire audience. Make no mistake though because even though he is 6’5’’ when he is stood up or he still looks like the Incredible Hulk when sitting, he’s a gentle giant with a huge heart. Whether you found Emeka from an internet search or someone close to you recommended that you book him as your next school speaker, act on that suggestion quick and don’t wait any longer! Book Emeka today because his speaking slots are filling up fast for the coming school year. You can reach Emeka by calling 478-719-8231 today!