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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Speaker for School Assemblies: No Pain No Gain Are you in need of a speaker for school assemblies? Has your school staff and administration determined what the primary focus will be when you have a speaker deliver a talk? I can imagine that you have heard a speaker use the phrase “no pain no gain” before and I can imagine you already have an idea of what it means. I’d like to introduce to you a speaker that physically lived through the pain, in order to come to the gain. Emeka Nnaka is a national inspirational speaker that is very family with the grit and grind of hard work. He firmly believes and teaches others that anything is possible if we can imagine it, believe it, and then act upon it. His hard work has paid off with close to 1,000 speaking engagements since he began his speaking career in his mid-twenties. He has risen to the top of everything that he has set out to accomplish and he has concurred goals that he never dreamt possible. He is passionate about reaching out to students of all ages and leaving them with drive to increase their lives to one action step at a time. If you haven’t ever heard of Emeka before, he is the type of speaker for school assemblies that you will make you want to kick yourself if you wait until the last minute to book him and then realize that he is booked solid. Emeka knows what the mental, emotional, and physical pain can feel like when life throws it randomly at somebody. He also knows that pain brings the opportunity to either give up or push on and make the most out of a situation. Had Emeka not gone through major physical pain in his early twenties, he would more than likely would not have had the gain that he has today. Emeka was only 21 when his life completely changed. In 2008, Emeka was recruited to play semiprofessional football for the Oklahoma Thunder. He had an outstanding first season and played a huge role in helping them to win a world championship. Just partway into the 2009 season, Emeka was injured while tackling an opposing player in a game in Arkansas. Emeka would later find out that he had broken his C5/C6 vertebrae in his neck and would soon after require a 9 hour operation. He would later be told the tragic news that he was now paralyzed from the chest down. His first year of recovery and rehabilitation was painful, both emotionally and physically. Had Emeka not experienced this tragic accident and endured the pain associated with the physical and emotional recovery process, there is a very good chance that he would not be in the position of success he is in today. If you would like to book Emeka Nnnaka as a speaker for school assemblies, click on the CONTACT button above or call 478-719-8231 today!