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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Speaker for School Assemblies. Leadership is a Lifestyle Have you ever had a speaker for school assemblies tell you that leadership is a lifestyle and not just a position? Emeka Nnaka is a national speaker for school assemblies that is in high demand. One of his keynote speeches focuses solely on this topic. Emeka quickly takes control of his audience and he holds their attention throughout the entire speech by sharing various stories of how he realized that he was a leader way before he even held the title of a leader. Emeka helps students and adults see that they do have impact on others. He helps them to see that their daily decisions are watched and even mimicked by those that they associate with on a daily basis. Every little decision that we make has an impact on someone. Our decisions or words can sway one or many people in any direction. The way we act and react around others can cause someone to push past hardship or even quit something prematurely. We can tell someone that we don’t like this or that and subconsciously plant a seed of thought in that individuals mind that they too don’t like X, Y, or Z. Emeka Nnaka is a true heart-felt speaker for school assemblies that genuinely cares about the people that he speaks to. He whole heartedly believes that everyone has influence and impact on those that they are surrounded by; it could be friends, family, co-workers, or even strangers. Emeka lives, breathes, and teaches on the idea that leadership is a lifestyle because he has seen firsthand how his life has been affected by the many people that have surrounded him in the past. And he has seen firsthand how his life has affected the many lives that have surrounded his in the past and present. It was 2008 when Emeka was recruited to play for The Oklahoma Thunder, a top national semiprofessional football team. In his first season as a defensive end, he played a huge role in helping the team to win their first world championship ring; he was quickly gaining attention from surrounding colleges and universities as the player to watch. And there was no doubt that Emeka had the talent within him to take it all the way to the NFL. Partway through his second season in 2009, the tides quickly changed. It was a game in Arkansas that completely rocked Emeka’s life. One tackle ended it all. One tackle that Emeka had performed hundreds of times had just broken his neck and paralyzed him from the chest down. Emeka quickly learned how much impact lifestyle leadership would have in his life. Multiple people surrounded him over the following year. Those people pushed ans encouraged him. Those people gave him hope and opportunities. It was ultimately up to Emeka to make the decision to push past the excuses and pain, and start living out what he had been seeing. Emeka now influences people of all ages, from all over the United States. He shares that they too can believe and act upon the idea that leadership is more than a position, it’s a lifestyle. To book Emeka Nnaka as your next keynote speaker, click on the contact button above and send his team an email or simply pick up the phone and call 478-719-8231.