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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Speaker for School Assemblies: A Giver of Hope Emeka Nnaka is speaker for school assemblies who is as genuine as they come. The words that he speaks whole heartedly reflect the life that he lives. If you have ever been fortunate enough to hear Emeka speak in person or watch one of his online videos, some part of the speech will typically express the concept of hope. Hope, courage, integrity, determination, and so many other things are almost always touched on in nearly every inspirational speaker’s keynote speech. Moreover, many people often find themselves listening to all the inspirational words than actually putting them into action. Emeka is a speaker for school assemblies because he truly believes that we should live out what we preach. It is not uncommon for Emeka to give away his only snack, water bottle, personal items, time in conversation, or even a random hug or handshake. Emeka brings hope to the homeless, the jobless, the hopeless individual, the widow, the addict, and so on. If Emeka is talking about ideas or concepts to a group of people, you can bet that he is living up to it behind the scenes. Emeka has worked very hard to get to where he is today. The concept of hope has been on Emeka’s mind for quite some time. It was 2009 when Emeka nearly lost all hope. He was on an athletic high with everything going for him. He was the All-Star American dream of a football player. In his first season with the semiprofessional team, Oklahoma Thunder, he played a key role in helping his team win a World Championship ring. Emeka had just turned 21 when his second season was underway. His last career tackle came against a team in Arkansas. It would be one of the most meaningful of his career. All it took was one tackle to break Emeka Nnaka’s neck at two different levels. All it took was one tackle to paralyze him from the chest down. Nine hours of surgery and several months of physical rehab, Emeka had gotten to a point in his life where he had nearly given up all hope. His entire identity was wrapped around football and his image. There were many people that played small and big roles in encouraging Emeka to continue pressing on. As the months and years passed, opportunities began to open up for Emeka to speak to various schools and organizations in and around Oklahoma. Emeka ultimately became the best speaker for school assemblies due to the many people that encouraged him to find it within himself to continue to push on and become everything that he was meant to be. Emeka knows what it is like to lose hope and then find hope. So, in every opportunity that he has, he does everything he can to leave the light of hope with everyone that he encounters. If the idea of hope is important to your school system, please take the time to book Emeka Nnaka today, by calling 478-719-8231.