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This content was written for Emeka Naka.

If you’re looking for a speaker for schools assemblies that will deliver a powerful message that will inspire the kids you teach look no further than Emeka Nnaka. Emeka Nnaka delivers a message that will help kids understand the full potential of their life will help them reach potential to the tools he will give them. It measures a speaker that is in high demand and is booked up very quickly. He wants to come to your school and inspire the students and help them in any way that he can. To reach America give him a call at 478-719-8232.

America’s story comes from that of much hardship that he is gone through throughout his life. He grew up in a sports background and excelled in football as his major sport. He went on to place in my professional football but while playing suffered a major injury and broke his neck. The injury left him paralyzed from the neck down and he had to completely learn how to redo everything in his life. After his injury he had the choice to either give up and little boring life or overcome and live a life that he could truly help others with.

This story is why he became a speaker for schools assemblies and why he does what he does today. He knows that he can easily connect the kids with his young age and the things that he went through early on life even before his injury. He understands And struggles that they can phase every day and knows that it is not easy to be there age. He truly wants to help them in any way that he can and impart the wisdom into their life to help them succeed and the things they are passionate about. He loves taking time after his speeches to meet with kids one-on-one if they want to and hear their story and help them if you can. He is a deep love for connecting with teams and helping guide them on the right path.

He is passionate about helping teens because he was also wants a team and had dreams and desires. As a speaker for schools assemblies he specializes in bringing out the dreams that kids have every day. He will give them the tools that they need to get after the streams and to accomplish them. In his messages he hopes to inspire every one of the kids listening but if he can help just one kid in the crowd that is good enough for him. He loves what he does and spends every day on getting better at becoming a speaker for assemblies.

Emeka Nnaka would be a perfect fit for your school and any speaking function that you might have for him. He knows how to connect with kids and bring out the best in them. Here’s a story that is easily relatable in a way of overcoming hardships. And he is truly passionate about what he does. Give them a call today at 478-719-8232.

Speaker For Schools Assemblies: The Best Youth Speaker

This content was written for Emeka Naka.

Have you been searching for the best motivational speaker there is but cannot find them? Are you looking for someone to inspire the kids of your school and bring out the best in them. Look no further than Emeka Nnaka the best speaker for schools assemblies around. America has the experience in the story to truly motivate and inspire your kids in a way that no other motivational speaker can. To find out more what America has to offer give him a call at 478-719-8232.

America’s story is what truly sets them apart from other motivational speakers and makes them the best speaker for assemblies. The story begins with everything going perfect for him and him being one of the best athletes from where he was from. This quickly ended when he was playing summer professional football and had a detrimental injury. He collided with another player and broke his neck causing him to be paralyzed from the neck down. He is now confined to a wheelchair but that does not stop him from going after the things he is truly passionate about in the dreams that he has. He uses the story to motivate the children he speaks to.

With his background in sports and the lifestyle that he used to live he can easily relate to any situation that a kid is going through. He is still relatively young age and kids can easily connect to him because of this, they know they can trust him and they know that he understands the situations they are going through. And telling his story he does not want kids to feel bad for him but instead wants to inspire the kids that they can also overcome anything that they are going through. This is one of the reasons that he is the best speaker for assemblies and can really inspire the children he speaking to. He knows that if he can just change one kids life that is worth it for him.

Emeka understands that are used for the future of America and wants to help them see their full potential. That is why he specifically focuses as a speaker for schools assemblies. He wants to help give kids the tools to overcome any situation that they are going through. He loves what he does and he said he is truly passionate about it because he is helping impact the future of America. You’ll spend extra time after he speaks to hear the stories of kids that he talked to and to further impart his knowledge into them.

After reading this you have realized that you really have found the best motivational speaker for schools assemblies. Emeka knows what he is doing and he is very good at it. He knows that the message he brings will truly inspire and motivate kids to go out to the things they are passionate about. He will work with you and any accommodations that you might need is very easy to work with. Schedule Mecca today by giving him a call at 478-719-8232.