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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

When looking for a speaker for schools assemblies is hard to find one that will truly inspire and make a difference in your kids lives.Emeka Nnaka is a speaker that truly will inspire your kids. He has a story unlike any other motivational speaker, one that is filled with tragedy in the overcoming of this tragedies. Emeka is trully passionaite about helping the kids that he speaks to and wants to see them secceed in things they are doing now and want to do later in life. Emeka will leave your kids with the desire to make the most of every day. To contact him as a speaker for assemblies give him a call at 478-719-8321.

You can quickly tell what makes America different from the speakers that you have had in the past. This difference is the electric wheelchair that he is confined to do to a neck injury that he suffered playing semi professional football. This injury left him almost completely paralyzed from the neck down and he has had to come completely changes life because of it. After his injury he had a choice to either let his injury defined him or define himself through his injury. He chose to overcome and that is why he became a speaker for schools assemblies.

His injury came about at a relatively young age and has a lived his young adult life with it. He uses his youth to help him connect with the kids that he is speaking to. He understands the everyday struggles that many of them go through and comes to them from a place of wanting to help. He hopes that his story will help inspire them to overcome the difficulties that they face. He wants them to see him as a testimony that anything is possible and that nothing can hold you back from doing what you want to do.

Emeka became a speaker for assemblies because he is truly passionate about helping the teens that he speaks to. He makes it clear that he is speaking to them from a place of complete honesty and straightforwardness. He creates an environment that is not only engaging but also very fun and open. After he speaks he takes time to talk to any kids that want to to help them in any way and impart wisdom into their life. He truly wants to see kids succeed and will help them do that in any way that he can.

If you have been looking for the best speaker for schools assemblies then look no further than Emeka Nnaka. He will leave your kids inspired and with the desire to go after their passions. He knows that his story will help show them that anything is possible no matter what happens. It is worth it for him if he sees just one child’s life impacted to his message. To schedule Emeka to come speak at your school function give him a call at 478-719-8321.

Speaker for Schools Assemblies: Oklahoma’s Most Talented Speaker

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Are you a school administrator, teacher, or principal looking for the greatest motivational speaker or inspirational speaker in all Oklahoma? Well this is you then you need to call you make a knock at the day. You may cannot has many years of experience speaking to groups both big and small. Many considering the best speaker for schools assemblies in all of Oklahoma. He is as powerful speaker that can truly make a difference in the kids lies that he speaks to. He knows that his story is one that can motivate and inspire kids. His schedules looking up very quickly so you need to call them fast. His phone number is 478-719-8231.

The first thing that sets Emeka Nnaka and apart from other speakers Oklahoma is his incredible story. Emeka Nnaka group is a talented athlete excelled any sport that he ever played. He was the best in all sports in high school and even went on to pay for semi professional football team. He dominated team it was a leader that everybody looked up to. During one of his games, eMac a knock at experience a tragic accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He had to reevaluate his life and decide where to pick up. Instead of being overcome by his tragedy, he chose to live a life of purpose and meaning. He’s now passionate about teaching others how to do the same today.

If you need a speaker for schools assemblies, then you need a really call Emeka Nnaka. Emeka Nnaka is able to connect with his audience in a way other speakers can’t. While most motivational speakers or inspirational speakers will speak to any crowd, Emeka Nnaka really wants to help teenagers. He knows that his story can truly cause teens to change the way they are living their lives and go up to the things they are truly passionate about. He understands the teenagers are the future and need help more than anyone else. Emeka Nnaka’s passionate about helping teens and students because he understands the struggles they face on a daily basis. He understands the need for good role models and positive influences on their lives.

Lastly, the reason why Emeka Nnaka is the best speaker for schools assemblies, is because he’s able to connect with the audience. Emeka Nnaka the town speaker with years of experience. He is able to connect with the audience in ways other people can’t. His messages are full of humor and wit and is able to connect with any audience of any size on one-on-one basis. Most people consider eMac a friend before speaker.

Call Emeka Nnaka today if you need a speaker for your school assembly. His amazing story dealt at your life. He is the best big at all Oklahoma because he’s passionate about helping teenagers. He is able to connect with any audience because of his incredible smile. Call 478-719-8231 in order to book Emeka Nnaka today.