Speaker for School Assemblies | Lifetime of the Opportunity

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Emeka Nnaka is a motivational and inspirational speaker for school assemblies that has been making a difference in students lives across the nation. Through his dynamic and high impact presentations, he has been changing lives and helping students break down the barriers that are holding them back. Emeka has an amazing story of overcoming adversity that is sure to move your students.

When Emeka moved to Tulsa Oklahoma, he came to finish his degree at Oral Roberts University. While working at the gym, Emeka was proposed opportunity of a lifetime. He was given the chance to try out for a semi professional football team. He did and he made the team. Emeka’s life was on an upward trajectory toward greatness. That was until he broke his neck on the football field to suffer the spinal cord injury that paralyzed from the chest down. It was a devastating blow to a future that was so bright. During his process of rehabilitation, it seemed like his life was completely dark now. When picking up the pieces to his life, Emeka decided that he was going to make something of his life. He realize that he was living in the greatest time this world is ever seen and that he was going to make things happen and capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity. He made his way back to school and graduated with his undergrad degree at Langston University and is now pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Oklahoma.

Emeka story has so many dimensions that can benefit for students. In the aftermath of his injury, because spent years working with young people at a local youth group. He has a passion for kids and young adults that it’s felt the moment that he steps or campus. He uses his life experiences to relieve his story to the every day struggles that your students are facing. Students love Emeka because of how open and real he is. What makes Emeka the best speaker for school assemblies is that he genuinely cares about the student that he is speaking to. Emeka even stays after his presentations to hear from the students about their lives.

Emeka stage presence is powerful because while everyone sees a wheelchair, you feel the aura of Emeka. As soon as he starts to speak, the wheelchair fades into the background. Emeka is known for using humor and illustrations to connect to his audience. He asked questions to keep them engaged and involved in his presentations. Students from the front row to the very back or sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what he has to say next. Emeka is a great fit for your next school event.

Your search to find the best speaker for school assemblies and’s with Emeka Nnaka. He has all of the skills to captivate the motivate her student body to greater things. He is ready to come and visit your students so give him a call today at 478-719231.


Speaker for School Assemblies | Setbacks are a Setup

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

As a speaker for school assemblies, Emeka Nnaka has been traveling the country speaking to schools everywhere. He has taken his message of hope and determination and used it to motivate and inspire students to be the best versions of themselves. Emeka uses his amazing story to bring insight to the struggles that students face every day. Emeka is ready to make your school the next place that he comes to visit.

As a rising star on the semi professional football team, Emeka Nnaka’s life was headed toward the bright lights. Make it and his team won a championship in 2008 and were the favorites to repeat in 2009. Everything was going in Emeka’s favor until a devastating neck injury ended his career. He broke his neck on the football field and suffered a spinal cord injury that winded and paralyzed from the chest down. After months of intense rehabilitation, he began his new life as a person with a disability confined to a wheelchair. Emeka saw this opposition as an opportunity and decided to work his way back to the life that he wanted. He decided that every setback was just a set up for a comeback. He got involved in serving in a local youth group and in the community. He went back to school and got his undergrad degree from Langston university and begin pursuing his Masters degree at the University of Oklahoma. And I was a top motivational speaker for school assemblies, Emeka uses his life story and experiences to inspire students to respond to the adversity in their own lives.

In the time he spent working with youth, he realized that his passion was to serve kids and young people. Emeka approaches life with the same passion that he will approach your student body. He wants to see your students win and strive to be the best mentor, teacher, and big brother that he can be. You won’t find a school assembly speaker that has more passion than Emeka Nnaka. Students are still raving about the time that Emeka visited their school.

Emeka brings his my note personality on stage and uses humor, interactive illustrations, and questions to engage his audiences. He gets people involved in his presentations and opens them up to receive good nuggets of wisdom that he has to deliver. Emeka uses his story to relate to his audiences experiences in there every day lives. He has a unique way of connecting to his audiences and drawing out the greatness that is in all of them.

If you were looking for a speaker for school assemblies with a powerful presence, story, and communication style, look no further than Emeka Nnaka. He has everything it takes to motivate your students to take action on their lives. His philosophy on getting back up when life knocks you down the sure to inspire your students. She is working on his calendar now so give him a call today at 478-719-8231.