Speaker for Schools Assemblies | The Inspiring Story

This Content Was Written for a Emeka Nnaka.

Are you a school administrator looking for a speaker for schools assemblies? Are you having trouble finding someone that will inspire kids and get them to better themselves and overcome situations? Then you have come to the right place and Emeka is the right speaker for you. He is someone that is passionate about influence your kids to be the best that they possibly can. If you want him to come to be a speaker for school assemblies give him a call at 478-719-8231.

One of the things that sets Emeka apart from other speaker for schools assemblies is his ability to communicate. He works tirelessly to better himself as a communicator because he knows that’s what it takes to truly inspire the people he’s talking to. When he speaks he is very serious but is also able to bring a sense of humor and make people laugh keeping them engaged and wanting to listen. He loves talking to kids and can easily relate to them still being fairly young himself. He knows that the key to be able to change the kids and get them to listen is how he communicates to them and he is very good at it.

Another factor that sets a Mecca apart from other speaker for schools assemblies is the amazing story that he has. Emeka was a semi professional football player and had everything in his life going from him until one day that all changed. In one of his semi professional football games he went in for a tackle and injured himself breaking his neck. This injury left in almost completely paralyzed from the neck down and change his life completely. But instead of letting his injury define him he is using it to show people that they can do anything they set their mind to. Emeka lives a full life is able to do anything that he wants to do.

Emeka is passionate about the kids that he speaks to and truly wants to see them succeed. He works well with kids that are struggling in school or in activities outside of school and helps them realize that they have more in store from them than what they are currently doing. He wants to see them truly succeed and turn their lives around. He even spends time after he speaks to talk to the kids and allows them to come to him with any problems they might have. He wants to stay in contact with the kids who want to and mentors many of the kids that he speaks to.

If you want to have a Mecca as a speaker for school assemblies then don’t hesitate at all. His schedule books very quickly and he stays very busy with all the speaking that he does but he would love to come and speak at your school. With his excellent communication skills he will be out to tell his story and help the kids in any way that they need. Witches will be thanking you that you had a Mecca and want to come back to speak again. Do not hesitate and give them a call at 478-719-8231.

Speaker for Schools Assemblies | A Helpful Speaker

This Content Was Written for a Emeka Nnaka.

Emeka Nnaka is a speaker for schools assemblies that she would love to have come and speak to your kids. He’s an excellent communicator and knows how to connect with the kids quickly and impact their lives. He is passionate about helping them and will do anything it takes to do that. He is very easy to work with and you’ll love the experience of them having come to your school. Do not hesitate to give him a call because the schedule books very quickly is number is 478-719-8231.

Emeka is someone that has a very powerful story from a very difficult life situation that he was put into. Not too long ago he was playing semi professional football and life is going great for him. That all changed when during one of his games he suffered an injury and broke his neck leaving him completely paralyzed from the waist down. He is had to learn to live his life with a disability and could have given up but he chose not to. He overcame his injury is able to do anything that he wants to even though he is confined to a wheelchair.

You have never heard a speaker for schools assembly that is as good as a communicator as a Mecca. He knows how to quickly get the kids in attention and keep them engaged the whole time that he is speaking to them. He is able to bring a great sense of humor while also being very serious throughout his talk and he is able to impact the kids he’s talking to. His passionate about communicating to kids and works on it every day to get better for them. He loves what he does and knows that he can truly make a difference with the talks that he gives.

Emeka is also very passionate about the kids that he is talking to as a speaker for schools assemblies. He knows that the kids are the future and that for an order them them to be great they have to build overcome. His story is all about him overcoming his interim and he will show kids that no matter what their situation that they can achieve anything they want to in life. He shows that with hard work and dedication they can be and do anything that they want to do. Emeka will even spend time after his speech to meet with kids and help them in any way that he can.

Emeka is a speaker for schools assemblies that you will not regret having. Kids their parents and teachers for all be thanking you for having scheduled him and you’ll be out to see the difference that he is made. He is powerful story he is a great communicator and he is passionate about the kids that he talks to. His schedule books are very quickly and you had to act fast if you want to be a get him in to talk to your kids. The best way to reach him his column at 478-719-8231, do not hesitate call today.