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This Content Was Written Emeka Nnaka.

Are you looking for an amazing speaker for schools assemblies? For someone to inspire kids to make them think about more than just the decisions they’re making right now. If you are and you someone that is amazing speaker contact Emeka Nnaka. He is one of the best speakers around in your performance service as a mic anyone else’s. Contact him today is of a number 478-719-8231.

Emeka Nnaka is set apart as a speaker for schools assemblies because of the amazing story that he has. He was a semi professional football player and everything in life was going his way to horrible injury. During one of his games for a tackle and broke his neck leaving him completely paralyze from the neck down. He has had to live his life since then struggling with his injury and learning to do everything differently and is not been easy for him because he does not have use of his arms or legs. Instead of having a negative mindset has become stronger through his injury and is learned to not only survive but to thrive with the.

Emeka Nnaka is also an amazing communicator and is great at what he does. He is able to bring a certain seriousness along with a firm sense of humor when he talks keeping people engaged and interested the whole time. Unlike most speaker for school assemblies kids do not pay attention to a board in Mecca will not be the same. He wants to bring a certain sense of humor along with his message to keep the kids laughing and for them to be of connect to what you’re saying. He’s passionate about what he does and he continues to work on his craft every day to become a better and better speaker.

Emeka is also someone that is very interested in changing the child’s life. The reason he does what he does so he can impart the lives of young people that he speaks to. He knows that if he does and speaks as a speaker for school assemblies and is able to impart just one child life is worth it for him. He realizes how important this time in their lives are and wants to be old to help them to better it and become a better citizen. You will even spend time after his message to talk to kids and help them in any way that he can.

As you can see Emeka is a speaker for schools assemblies unlike anyone but you have ever had come speak for you. People will be thanking you for booking him as a speaker for your school assemblies. He will impart your kids lives through his powerful story in the way is able to communicate it. His schedule books up very quickly so if you would like to contact him to come and speak for your school are today. You can call him and schedule and today at 478-719-8231.

Speaker for Schools Assemblies | The Incredible Emeka

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Have you been looking for a speaker for schools assemblies? Have you been looking for someone to inspire your kids and get them to think outside the box? Then you do not need to work anymore because you have found the best of the best,Emeka Nnaka. Emeka is an amazing speaker who knows how to hit the hearts of children and impact them for the better. To have America come and speak to your school and your students give him a call at 478-719-8231.

One of the things that sets Emeka Nnaka apart from other speakers is the amazing story that his life is. He was someone that all and everything was going for him, he was a semi professional football player in the sky was the limit. One of his games she had a horrible injury and broke his neck. This was left him paralyzed from the neck down and he was not able to use his and rewards hardly at all. Instead of feeling sorry for himself he came back and decided that he was good not let this and find him is the to inspire other people.

As a speaker for schools assemblies Emeka Nnaka knows how to communicate in a way that is engaging and inspiring. One of the things that he brings is a wonderful sense of humor, he will make the kids laugh and also seniors at the same time. He knows how to do his point across that they can make a difference in a matter what the circumstances where an they can overcome. He that will leave the kids with something more than just a good talk, will be watching for them. His partial about his speaking awards to get better at it every day.

Emeka Nnaka is passionate about the kids that he speaks to. He is not one speaker for school assemblies that are only trying to promote themselves or get money from her. He does what he does because he wants to change kids lives and show them that they can do anything they set their mind to. He wants kids to look at hand and not feel sorry for him but see him as someone that cannot be stopped matter the circumstances. He wants to leave your kids with the desire to do more in their lives and be the best they can possibly be. he will even say after to talk to them and help them with any problems or situations that they might need help or guidance in.

Emeka Nnaka is a speaker for schools assemblies that you will love to have at your school. He will be to deliver a foreign and entertaining message also giving the kids solid points to his wife. The kids will be thanking you that you have a Mac to come speak for you and want to have him back again. His schedule books up quickly so if you want to have him to the. McCall 478-719-8231, is a call that you will never regret making.