Top School Assembly Speaker | Emeka Never Gives Up

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Finding the top school assembly speaker can be a long, frustrating process. With so many different motivational speakers out there, how can you be sure you are booking the best speaker for your students? You can be sure you are booking the right person for the job when you schedule Emeka Nnaka to speak at your school’s next assembly. Emeka Nnaka is the top school assembly speaker for many reasons, which include but are not limited to, his intensely powerful life story, his outstanding passion for inspiring young people to overcome the odds, as well as his compelling personality and dynamic communication skills.


Emeka has a life story that will be sure to engage the hearts and minds of young people as they listen to him speak. Emeka was a natural athlete at a young age. He loved all sports, and spent his childhood growing up on the ball field. As he got older, his passion and love for football began to grow into a life dream. After years of hard work and dedication, refusing to give up when things were hard, Emeka was able to play for the Oklahoma Thunder, a semi-professional football team in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Emeka played football like he lives his life: 100% effort every second.


Watching Emeka play football was always so exciting. I remember sitting on the edge of my seat at the games, waiting to see what he would do on the next play. Sadly, during one of his games with the Thunder, Emeka was severely injured. As a result of this injury, Emeka has been paralyzed from the neck down ever since.


The whole community was heartbroken over Emeka’s injury, and what it seemingly costed him, but as we watched his astounding resiliency and determination to recover, our heartbreak turned to hope and inspiration. Emeka fought for healing. Emeka refused to give up. He chose to conquer his obstacles with faith, hope and hard work. Emeka is now able to live with tremendous independence and purpose as he works to inspire young lives around him.


Now, Emeka desires to share his captivating story with the world. Emeka understands the pain and loss that this life can throw at us, and he is wanting to bring light and hope to the hearts and minds of students everywhere. His powerful message, coupled with his passion for life, engaging speaking skills, and charming personality is a perfect combination for him as your next motivational speaker. Emeka is engaging during his assemblies. His stage presence immediately grabs the attention of the young eyes in the room, and as he begins to speak you will see your students move to the edge of their seats as they watch and listen to Emeka charismatically retell his life story. They will listen to him in eager anticipation, just like the Thunder community used to watch him play football.


If you care about the students in your school, and you are looking for the top school assembly speaker, call Emeka Nnaka right now. You will not regret this decision. Emeka knows he would not be the man he is today without the countless role models and mentors that spoke into him as a child, and invested in him as a young adult, and even now. Emeka desires to reach the hearts and minds of young people by the strong, passionate retelling of his life story, and by making himself available as a willing and invested role model for your students. You can reach Emeka Nnaka today by calling this number: 1-478-719-8231.