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Photo Mar 29, 3 26 04 PM

Part of living a life that’s full of hope and happiness is trying new things. A byproduct of that is discovering new talents. Emeka’s love for painting in his own words:

Taking up painting has been great for me. The reason we’re on this earth is to create and painting has given me another avenue for creative expression. I didn’t think I was capable of painting anything good, especially without the full use of my hands. While working on my first painting, I sneezed and made a mark through my entire painting. I was thinking that I had ruined my painting and would have to start over. A lady in the art studio then said to me “Rule 1 is that there are no mistakes in art.” That simple statement seemed to capture my entire life in a nutshell. No mistakes. Just adjustments. Painting has made me a student of creation, patience, and beauty. Every new piece teaches me something new. A key lesson that I’ve learned about life is, like in art, any mess can become a masterpiece.

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