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Emeka Nnaka ignites his audiences with motivating messages on overcoming challenges, handling diversity issues, and inspiring hope even in hopeless situations. In a moment, Emeka’s life dramatically shifted from being 6’5” star athlete to being confined to wheelchair as a quadriplegic. What he overcame and how he overcame is truly remarkable and worth hearing! As a result, he is an in demand school assembly speaker, diversity speaker, and quadriplegic motivational speaker. Expect your audience to be deeply moved to hope, dream and take action to improve their lives and productivity!

Here are some of the speeches that Emeka provides for his audiences

Look Beyond Labels: Bullying
*Bullying is a common problem for middle school and high school aged youths. Emeka shares insights from his experience of going from a “somebody to a nobody” and how he dealt with the social isolation that followed his injury. He inspires his audience to break down the imaginary walls that divide us to build actual bridges that unites us. He teaches students not only to live beyond their labels, but to look beyond the labels that are placed on other people.

Live Beyond Labels: Leadership  (Leadership is a Lifestyle, not a Position)
* It takes more than a title to make a leader. From the framework that influence defines leadership, Emeka teaches audience members how to use their influence to shape their world. Leadership is not THEN or WHEN, leadership is NOW. Emeka challenges them to do what they can, where they are, with what they’ve got. Audiences can expect to shift from positional leadership to a holistic and servanthood form of leadership.

Live Beyond Labels: Disability Awareness  (From Where I Sit)
* “Is it rude to ask someone ‘what happened?'” From the unique perspective of being on both sides of life, with and without a disability, Emeka answers the common and not so common questions associated with living with a disability. This presentation stretches the audience to consider challenges and barriers that they would otherwise not think about. The audience leaves with a whole new perspective on what the world is like for a person with a disability.
Live Beyond Labels: Refined, Not Defined.
* In life, we will all have struggles. The question is will those things define you or refine you? Emeka shares his story of going from life as a championship athlete to life as a person with a disability. He identifies the difference between falling and failing and how to respond to adversity in life.

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