A Step of Faithfulness

by | Nov 8, 2016

Faithful can be defined as being constant, loyal, and steadfast. I’ve always heard “Faithfulness leads to fruitfulness.” It makes me think of a farmer and his task of sowing. Rain or shine, he’s committed and faithful to his process of sowing, and that is what gets him to fruitfulness. About a week ago I shared a picture to my Instagram and my Facebook that referred to trusting in Jesus. In my life and through my circumstances I have learned to put my trust in Jesus but to be honest it is not always easy. When your circumstances are overwhelming and ready to swallow you whole, it can be difficult to stay faithful to taking one step at a time especially if that next step is off of a cliff. So when I shared my post, it was for me just as much as it was for anyone else. Later, a friend commented on my pic saying how much it meant to him and later messaged to me why it meant so much to him. He gave me permission to share his message. I changed the names for privacy purposes.

Hey buddy, sorry this is going to be long, but I have to tell you what your post meant. As you know, I just got married. Well the night before, my best man and best friend’s girlfriend flew in from Mississippi. We went to pick her up and my cell phone was in my lap the whole trip. I got out of my car at the airport to meet her for the first time and load up her stuff. We left the airport, got to my house, unloaded her stuff and I noticed I didn’t have my phone, so I asked Peter where it was. We call it and this lady pics up and my heart sank. Thankfully she was nice and we chatted for about 10 minutes and let her know my story and what was happening etc. well she gives me her phone number and address and I go pic up my phone in perfect condition. She told me she thought it was candy in the road but as they got closer, she noticed it was a phone and almost turned it in to security but decided to keep it because it would be easier to get it back from her instead of airport security. It had fallen out of my lap onto the street of the arriving section of the airport so how it didn’t have a scratch on it is a miracle in itself. Well I get to the ladies house and she brings my phone out along with a gift for Jennifer. I had no idea who she was or what she did, but I accepted and thanked her so much and went home. I called Jen and told her the story and said this lady named Stacy who said she has a bracelet shop gave me about 9 bracelets for your wedding present. I said the box says Rustic Cuff. Dead silence and Jen said finally, shut up! I said nope, that’s what it says, I’m looking at it. She asked if I knew who that was, I said I had no idea. Well apparently she’s had numerous celebrities wear her bracelets and she’s a pretty big deal. Fast forward a week or so, we get an email from Jen’s boss letting her know that she would be let go from Charles Schwab upon our return. Mind you, we get this on our honeymoon, if that gives you any idea what kind of person this was. Anyway, she’s naturally really upset but makes a few phone calls and ends up having an interview at BOK, where she worked before Charles Schwab. Well, Sunday rolls around and honestly man, we aren’t sure how we are going to make it because she lost her job. We don’t tithe Sunday morning and feel super convicted. Looking on paper, there is no way to survive and we had no groceries, so that tithe money would have bought our groceries. That afternoon we are sitting there and agree not to pay tithe until she gets a job because we needed the money. So 10 minutes go by and we both are quiet and then all of the sudden we look at each other and say “we have to tithe.” So we paid our tithe and then the church did a fund raiser so we went ahead and paid that too because the pastor asked everyone who pledged to have it by the beginning of May. So we get all that taken care of. Well Jen had to babysit Monday for some friends and her phone rang. She didn’t answer and later checked the message. It was a lady from Rustic Cuff needing our address because they had a small gift for Jen. Well Jen calls back at about 5:30 Monday, and guess who answers, Stacy. They get to talking and Stacy asked if Jen could just come pick the gift up because she wanted to meet her. They agree on a time and Stacy asks, what about work? Jen explains to her what happened and Stacy said she never has done this before, but asked if Jen would come work for her. She said she’s never hired anyone over the phone and especially someone she’s never met, but just felt like God told her to hire Jen. So Jen gets there yesterday to just talk to Stacy and they are so busy she just puts Jen right to work, not discussing pay or anything. Oh and the “small” gift, was 10 more bracelets and 4 personalized saying Mrs. Holloway. There is more. Totally unrelated, her dad graduated with his Masters last night so we drive to OKC for it. We stopped by the Whataburger to get dinner because I literally got off work, went home and picked her up and left. Well we get up to the window and the car in front of us had bought our dinner, no idea who they were. So we paid it forward and bought the person behind us. I say all that to say, your post of trusting Jesus really confirmed paying tithe was us trusting Jesus to provide and I know it’s not always as immediate as this, but it was a huge blessing and one thing is for sure! We will NEVER question again if we are going to pay tithe or not haha! Bless you bro!

Wow! What an amazing testimony of trust and faithfulness! This is the post:

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” –2 Corinthians‬ ‭5‬:‭7‬ ESV