Target Practice

by | Nov 8, 2016

Happy New Year!! First post of 2016! I love this time because it marks a new beginning, a fresh start, a turn of the page. Since my accident in 2009, I’ve approached life to make each year to make it better than the last. 2015 was no different. It brought me so many blessings and I give God all the glory! I’ve had so much growth happen in the last few years and I can’t wait to tackle 2016! I’m planning on having the best year ever and I know you can too!! I believe to have the best year ever, it will come down to doing 3 simple things: pointing, aiming, and shooting for it.

I believe this can literally be the best year you’ve ever had if you want it to be. You are in full control of what you put in which translate into what you get out.
We might be talking about 2016 but we are really talking about life itself. New Years is just an arbitrary day/occasion. For most people it represents a fresh start but to be honest, if you really want to change your life and get things you have never had, you are going to need to do things you have never done—regardless of what day it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s January 1, May 23, New Year’s Eve, or Groundhogs Day. When you decide that enough is enough and it’s time for a change, that day is your fresh start.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

If there’s any profession in the world that understands the importance of pointing, aiming, and shooting, it would be that of a marksman aka sharpshooter. In the military, a marksman is someone who is skilled in ‘precision’ shooting. They take ‘accurate’ long distanced shots at valuable targets. We should take some lessons and aim to be sharpshooters of our own lives (see what I did there?).

What do you want? Seems like a simple question, right? But people struggle here. A lot of us are living lives that we don’t want, doing things that we don’t like because we haven’t decided, declared, or confessed the life that we actually want. We haven’t pointed ourselves toward something therefore there’s a huge discrepancy between what we are wanting and what we are getting. Take some time and get clear on what you want for yourself in whatever area of life whether it’s health, relationships, business, etc. It’s time to take control.

“Most people don’t live their lives, they accept their lives.” —John Maxwell

How bad do you want it? Aiming is such an important process of attaining our goals. If you’ve ever aimed at a target whether you were shooting a gun, an arrow, playing duck hunt, or even just throwing a dart, what did you do before letting it rip?…. You closed one eye or you’re about to take a picture with your phone and it’s blurry so you touch the screen. All of this is to focus in on your target. I can imagine that for a marksman, focus is huge when it comes to shooting something at seems so out of range. You can’t worry about the bead of sweat running down your face, or the bug crawling up your leg, and the sounds…what sounds? Again, how bad do you want it? Taking aim takes total locked in focus.

So after you’ve pointed yourself toward something, you’ve got to understand that life will still happen. You will face circumstances. Aiming doesn’t mean everything is clear, it means blocking out whatever distractions that will try to keep you from hitting your target. It means that when life is happening around you, you take a deep breath and focus on your goals and the vision you have for your life. Focus brings clarity to what you are doing and why you are doing it.

What do you need to do? Once you’ve got a target in sight and you’ve taken aim, it’s time to pull the trigger. You want to shoot and shoot often but not just for shooting’s sake. Each shot you take should be calculated. You should get closer and closer to bullseye with each shot. So ask yourself: what are the right shots you need to take? Hitting the mark means setting smart goals. For example, your bullseye may be taking your business to the next level, better health, better relationships, discipline, etc. Target questions to ask:

  • How many sales do I need a year?
  • A month?
  • A week?
  • What books do I need to read?
  • What gym do I need to join?
  • What friends do I need to make?
  • How do I need to spend the first hour of my day?
  • What foods do I need to stop eating?
  • Who is my support team?

Breaking it down provides soft targets that you can hit with a high percentage. What makes a good marksman is not that they hit their target with accuracy, but that they do it with precision. Accuracy is the quality of being correct or exact. Precision is the quality of being exact with consistency. Having accuracy and being precise also requires a level of focus beyond just seeing a target.

PARTING SHOT— Celebrate yourself! Tell people what you’re doing and be excited about your victories! Little wins will snowball into bigger ones. If you want to the best for your life, you are going to have to not just win your years, but your months, your weeks, and your days. Happy Sweet ’16!!!

~From Where I Sit~